Monday, April 23, 2012

That's More Like It!

I was getting ready to tell eBay that if Silver Power Seller meant a decrease in sales, that they could just take that title back, because I don't want it. Apparently they saw that coming, and they opened my store up! And they shined spotlights on my higher-priced listings. Hooray!

These were my daughter's. I bought them on fill-a-bag day at a library book sale a few years ago. I think she read them once or twice, but they've just been taking up space on her book shelf. I've tried to talk her into selling them a few times, but she always said no. But she's an obsessive book collector and has filled up 2 bookcases. I finally put my foot down, pointed out that she hasn't read them in 2 or 3 years, and that it was time for them to go. Once she realized how much they might sell for, she was much more willing to let them go. They sold in just under two months, for my full asking price of $31.99! She'll get half of that. I'm surprised they sold that high, because they are all ex-library copies.


I always buy 3D mugs like this. I paid 99 cents for this one. There was only one other one listed at the time. I don't even remember now how much it was listed for, but it hadn't sold. I priced mine at $39.99 without best offer for the first month or so, hoping for an impulse buyer. Then I left that price but added a Best Offer button on it. It sold today for my full asking price! I got my impulse buyer after all :)


Sold these for a good friend of mine. They're vintage ViewMaster reels from the 40s-70s. I priced them high with a best offer, just until I could gauge interest. I had a couple watchers on them, but I thought I'd wait to see if I got any offers. These also sold for my full asking price of $49.99! And quickly too. They were only listed for 13 days. They are going to Thailand. The buyer asked me to mark the customs form as Sample/$0 value. I wrote him that it is illegal to falsify information on a customs form, and that if he wished to cancel, I would understand. He wrote back, "No problem. Go ahead and ship."  Don't be afraid to tell a buyer no when they ask you to do that. It is NOT allowed, and if you get caught, you could get in trouble. It's just not worth it. I'd rather cancel the sale. If they leave you a negative for customs-related reasons, you should be able to call eBay and get it removed.


I posted to eBay Underground awhile ago looking for information on these guys. I don't usually buy knick knacks, collectibles, glassware... I know nothing about them. I don't even know how to research these types of items. Apparently no one in the group did either, because I still don't know anything about them. I priced them stupid-high with best offer, just to see what would happen (are you picking on my pricing pattern yet??) I had several watchers on it, but no offers. Today, I accepted an offer of $50 + shipping. I paid $2.97 for it, so I am QUITE happy with that profit margin.


I've spent too much time on the computer today, and it's late. I'm outta here! G'night!


  1. Jessica - Just stopping in to say that I love your blog and detailed info! You're awesome. And how you are doing a shopping fast... I do not know?! I tried in February and lasted about 11 days. It's so hard?! Treasure hunting is my stress relief. But my inventory pile is INSANE!!!

  2. You sold these tons of View Master reels? Oh, I want them! The new owner of these is pretty lucky, and I’m sure he’s very happy to get this from you. These are worth keeping. Anyway, what made you decide to sell them? I’m sure these are your precious collection. -Francesca Slone

    1. Yep, I sold them. They belonged to a friend of mine who moved halfway across the country last year. They had to do a major downsize before they left, and this was in the "to sell" pile.