Monday, April 9, 2012

My Top eBay Moments Last Week

I missed my Top eBay Moments post again. It was a hectic weekend around here :)

My eBay week was very slow. I have been riding a very high sales wave for a couple months now, so I'm not going to complain about one slow week. I sold 51 items. A LOT of them were very low dollar. So not only did I not sell as much as I usually do, but I had to work harder for less money this week. But I'm clearing out some of my lower-end inventory, so I guess that's good.

I am SOOOO glad to be rid of this thing. My sister-in-law picked it up at a yard sale for a quarter, a really long time ago. It's really big and bulky, and I just wanted it gone, so I auctioned it. Not surprisingly, it only went for my opening bid. Have I ever mentioned how I hate auctions? But whatever. It's gone.
  • Acquired On: 12/4/2010 (yes, 2010) from my sister-in-law
  • Listed On: ???
  • Sold On: 4/7/12
  • Paid: .25
  • Sold For: $6.99 + shipping (woot!)

I sold this 2 quart Ball jar for a friend of mine. After researching it, I set it at what I thought was a fair-to-highish price, but it sold within 2 or 3 days. I wish I knew more about these things, and what made this one go so quickly.
  • Acquired On: 3/23/12 (friend in Harrisburg)
  • Listed On: 3/2/12
  • Sold On: 3/5/12
  • Paid: -0-
  • Sold For: $14.99 + shipping

Another denim skirt. My denim skirt collection is shrinking. I need to get out there and find more, but I'm on a thrifting fast. *whimper*  This one is Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Acquired On: 2/17/12 (Harrisburg road trip)
  • Listed On: 2/19/12
  • Sold On: 4/6/12
  • Paid: $1.00
  • Sold For: $16.99 + shipping

This was my sister-in-law's Boy Scout leader shirt. Scout stuff sells well. I sold her pants very quickly. The shirt took a little longer, but that's probably because I didn't bother to take any of the patches off.
  • Acquired On: ? February?
  • Listed On: 3/9/12
  • Sold On: 4/9/12
  • Paid: -0-
  • Sold For: $19.99 + shipping

These Jeanstar jeans sold this week. I was getting them ready to ship when I realized they had been cut off and hemmed. I had included the correct measurements in the listing, but they were obviously hand-hemmed and didn't look very professionally done. I contacted the buyer and explained what happened and offered to cancel. She decided to cancel. Now I can't decide whether I should relist these (mentioning the hemming) or if I should just redonate. I'm leaning toward redonating, because I seem to get a lot of buyers who can't (or don't) read. No sense borrowing trouble.
  • Acquired On: 2/21/12 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 3/8/12
  • Sold On: 4/7/12
  • Paid: $4.99
  • Sold For: $25.00 + shipping (cancelled and refunded)

It's not often that Clarks sell super-quickly. They are a slow and steady seller. But these sold quickly. These were from the Artisan collection.
  • Acquired On: 2/17/12 (Harrisburg road trip)
  • Listed On: 3/31/12
  • Sold On: 4/7/12
  • Paid: $4.99
  • Sold For: $25.00 + shipping

I finally auctioned these Doc Martens. I've had them forever with absolutely zero interest. I started them at a price I would be content with, and again, they sold for my opening bid. But I'm fine with that. They're gone. Good riddance.
  • Acquired On: 3/12/11 from my sister-in-law
  • Listed On: ??
  • Sold On: 4/7/12
  • Paid: $3.97
  • Sold For: $29.99 + shipping

I love finding Ariats! Even these older styles sell well for me. I have had 2 or 3 pairs of Ariats similar to this Western style, and they've all sold within the first 2 or 3 months, and for pretty good prices. Ariats are ridiculously expensive new!
  • Acquired: 10/20/11 (ok, maybe these didn't sell in 2 or 3 months...) (Harrisburg road trip)
  • Listed On: ?
  • Sold On: 4/7/12
  • Paid: $4.99
  • Sold For: $39.00 + shipping
I hope this week picks up a bit! How was your week last week?


  1. I would re-donate those hemmed jeans! Just like you said, too many buyers don't actually read the descriptions. If it were me I'd be really nervous keeping those listed.

    I haven't opened a store yet and still just do auctions using the free listings every month. I know you hate auctions but I just set the start price to the lowest price that I'd be happy with. That way if it sells for only the start price I'm still happy. I think there are fewer and fewer categories of items that auctions actually work for and most of the stuff I sell doesn't fall in those categories. Oh, I also use the 'buy it now' option for a few dollars more so that if someone doesn't want to wait for an auction to end or try to follow it and bid at the last minute they can just buy it outright for just a little bit more. For my small scale ebaying this seems to work out ok for me. Hopefully someday I can dedicate enough time to ebay to maintain a store and make enough to justify the monthly expense of a store.

  2. I've always heard Star Wars stuff sells well but I've learned from experience not everything sells well. It pays to research. At least you had some good sales even if it was a slow sales week for you.