Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Success Is Mine!

... for one more week anyway. I didn't do it. I didn't shop. Instead, I came home and took pictures to list! The more I see my unlisted inventory pile shrink, the easier it is to avoid shopping and making that pile grow again. I'm getting there. Slowly but surely.

Some fun sales today:

Even American Girl dolls lost a shoe now and then. I had only 1 of Kirsten's meet outfit shoes, but ones I realized that a pair sells for almost $25.00, I decided to list this one by itself, just in case someone else needed one. It sold a lot faster than I expected! It went to Oregon for $9.99 + shipping.

These Dockers shorts are going to Greece for my full asking price of $29.99 + shipping.

My microwave turntables sell in spurts. I hadn't sold any for about a month, and now I've sold 3 in the last week or so. I have Best Offer on all my turntables, but all three of these have sold for my full price. This one was $29.99 + shipping. It was a big one - 16"!

I had this skirt listed pretty high ($39.99) because it was different - not your ordinary denim skirt. I had several watchers on it, but no bites. Someone messaged me last night, asking if I'd consider an offer. I added the Best Offer option, and woke up this morning to a $32.75 offer. Good enough!

These are Worishofers. I've never heard of that brand before. I found a pair of their sandals back in November. They looked like they were a quality sandals, so I bought them and have gotten zero interest in them. For some reason, I decided to pick these up anyway. I just got around to listing them 2 days ago, and they sold the next morning for $35! I'm not convinced that's an official BOLO brand though.

I have had this frog forEVER. That blue ruler is a 12" ruler. This thing is enormous, which is why I put off listing it for so long. I think I had it for 4 or 5 months before I finally decided to list it. I just couldn't figure out how I would ship something like that. I finally bit the bullet and listed it in November. There was only one other one that had recently sold for around $90, so I priced mine at $129.99 or best offer. That first week, I got several offers:  $10, $1, another $10, and $25. lol. No.  I recently reduced the price to $99.99 or best offer and finally accepted an offer for $50 yesterday. Plus $16-something shipping to Ohio. I had only paid $1 for it, so I'm quite happy with that profit margin. The thing takes up half a shelf and is just plain IN the WAY, so it was time to send him on his merry way.


I'm listing some more odds 'n' ends tonight. Those always take me forever, because I have to research each item. And then I stop in between listings to write a blog post (ahem). Back to the grindstone! Can't sell it if it isn't listed!

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  1. That is one giant frog! I'd be glad to see that space taker go also! Looks like you've had a great week!