Monday, April 9, 2012

That's Enough!

I have been sitting at this computer literally all day. I ate all 3 meals here. I did get up to help my oldest with her schoolwork. I got up to go get some dinner (take out - I didn't even cook!) I got up to put the kids in bed. That's it. My butt's numb. My brain is numb. My wrists are exhausted.

But I got a lot done! I got almost all my American Girl stuff listed. I still need to list 2 dolls and 2 outfits. One of the dolls needs her hair combed and braided. The other is waiting for her dress to dry. The other 2 outfits are soaking on Oxy Clean. I will get the last of this stuff listed tomorrow.

I sold my first American Girl outfit already! It sold for $39.99 about 30 minutes after I listed it! Remember, I paid $31 for the whole lot, so everything from here on out will be pure profit!


About a year ago, I was visiting my sister-in-law. I spotted a Fire King jadeite batter bowl in her cupboard. I think I maybe drooled on the table a little. She must have noticed, because she asked me to sell it for her a couple months ago. When I researched it, I was disappointed to see that they didn't sell as high as I remembered. I was hoping to get $30-35 for it, but I listed it for $69.99 or best offer and hoped for the best. I accepted an offer for $50 today!


I also relisted almost 30 failed auctions from last week. That is so tedious. That alone should be reason enough to keep me from doing auctions. Really. I mean it. No more auctions. Ugh.


That's enough. I'm done. Gotta get off this computer. ...


  1. I really enjoy reading your posts -- it's fun to see what you paid for things and what they resell for. I sell mainly vintage on Etsy but have started putting a few things on ebay. Would you mind sharing why you dislike auctions so much? Do you use the Buy it Now option the most? Sometimes there are just too many decisions to make! Thanks!

  2. I sell primarily shoes and clothing. Those things require just the right buyer, at just the right time. If there isn't a person looking for a size 6 red striped top during the week that I'm running my auction, or if there's only 1 person looking for it, it's not going to do well. Whereas if I just list it high and let it sit, sooner or later someone will come along who wants to pay my price for it.

    Since I opened my store, I have had stuff sell for amazing prices, prices that I NEVER would have realized at auction. Literally every time I do auctions, they bomb. And then I have to spend so much time relisting those items back into my store.

    If you're interested in selling on eBay full time or for any extended period of time, 99% of the time store listings are the way to go, unless you have a rare or highly sought-after item.

  3. Love the Fire king! I have a ton of it.... probably will never let it go.
    Lisa @ happy girl collectibles.

  4. With American girl dolls we have learned not to use a plastic brush or comb on them. Metal works better and causes less frizz.

    1. Thank you. I got Nellie's looking nice. She's ready to be listed in a few minutes. Kaya's hair is a disaster and I wasn't sure how to begin to fix it. I'll root around and find a metal comb.