Thursday, April 19, 2012

No Go

I was supposed to meet the Cabbage Patch lady this evening. She emailed me this afternoon that she had a family emergency that would have her away from home all evening. She said, "Maybe we can coordinate our schedules another time."  If I had a sale pending for that amount of money, I would be a little more concrete than "maybe another time". I get the feeling she's rethinking and trying to back out.

Stinky sales day today, but I can't complain. My sales have been through the roof for several weeks now. I can take a slow day without complaint. I sold 3 homeschool books, a sewing pattern, a jar of shoe cream, and a pair of sandals. Very high unit price today. <eyeroll>

I'm up way too late again. Gotta get to bed so I can catch the mail lady in the morning.

I hate Blogger's new look, by the way.


  1. what is bloggers new look? Apparently I am not very observant

  2. I hate word verification, by the way. :-)

  3. The new blogger is just awful. I just could not work out how to leave a comment, or reply to a comment on my own page, so I went back to the old blogger.

  4. Becky, I hate word verification too. Maybe blogger's new look isn't rolled out for everyone yet, because you would DEFINITELY notice the change. It's awful.

    Vintagemaison, how do you go back to the old blogger??

  5. Jessica Blogger just gave me my new dashboard tonight and yup I hate it

  6. jess go to your settings on the dashboard and there is a drop down that says old blogger (something I just changed it but ryker is hollering daddy and I forgot what it said)

    1. ahhhhh.... my world is right again. Thank you!