Thursday, April 26, 2012

It Was Almost a Record-Breaking Day!

Holy moly, I had an awesome sales day yesterday. I had my second highest sales day, second only to a day that I had a HUGE amount of auctions end, and I ended up with over $400 from those auctions. My store was hopping all day long! Several of those sales were before my mail lady came, so I was able to get them out first thing yesterday morning. Then I had to go to town mid-afternoon, so I took a second batch to the post office. Then I finished up last night and sent them out this morning. It was so much fun!

Not only did I have a high number of unit sales, but eBay seems to have turned the spotlight on many of my higher-dollar listings. That makes for a pretty good combination!  My favorites:


This is a CJ Banks blouse. Plus size, very basic. Nothing at all special about it. I only bought it because it was new with tags, and had a $40 retail price tag. It took 3 months, but it sold this week for $25 + shipping.


I have a love-hate relationship with Wilton pans. I have weeks where I swear I'll never buy another. But then I have weeks where I can hardly wait to get out and look for more. A few weeks ago, I had an annoying large stack of Wilton pans. Right now, I only have 2. One of them probably won't ever sell (Holly Hobbie, surprisingly) and the other one I'm going to have to drop my price drastically, I think (Bert & Ernie). I sold a Thomas the Train one recently for good money, and this week I sold this Cinderella one for $41.99. I had free shipping on it, but it's going to France, so the buyer paid the shipping.

I generally ship Wilton pans wrapped in bubble wrap and dropped into a polymailer. Because this one was going overseas, that made me a little nervous, but I'd have been out a good bit of money if I boxed it, so I wrapped it in roughly 76 layers of bubble wrap. Fingers crossed...


I LOVE this BCBG dress! It's not my size, and that style doesn't look very good on my body, but I can dream anyway. It only took a month and a half to sell. I accepted a $45 offer the other day, plus shipping.


These Tevas are in almost perfect condition. I couldn't believe they were only $2.99 at my Goodwill! Teva is apparently a brand that is still under my Goodwill's radar, thank goodness. I priced them high and hoped for the best. They took almost 4 months to sell, but it was worth the wait. They sold for $44.99 this week!


I've had these in a bin for a month and a half, because I just didn't want to sort and count them. Ugh. But I finally took an hour or so one afternoon 2 weeks ago and got them counted. They are vintage American Bricks, a precursor to Legos. I had never heard of them, but when I checked completeds, I saw that they did well. I wasn't sure whether to break these into 3 sets or not. Completeds shows that single complete sets only sell for $20-25, whereas lots can go as high as $500, depending on the size of the lot. I had over 700 pieces, so I decided to auction them starting at $99.99. I had a lot of watchers on them, but no bids. I relisted them at a fixed price of $99.99. They sold 3 days after relisting them.

They were given to me by the friend who has given me lots of random odds and ends inventory. I'm splitting the sale price with her 50/50, but even so, we're both thrilled with our cut on this sale!


I have completely restocked my shoe cleaning product inventory. Those products can be found at the top of my blog, under the "Shoe Care Products" tab.

Also ... I have a couple documents for sellers available in a different tab above. I'd like to offer a new document, but I'm not sure what needs my readers have. Are there any spreadsheets or documents that you would be interested in my creating and offering?

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