Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness - ???

Y'all. This is hard! I am a stay-at-home mom. It is getting harder and harder to come up with RACKs to do from home. Any suggestions?? I have some catching up to do. I think I've missed 4 days total, and I'd like to make them up. I won't be in town today.

My husband and I decided to forego getting each other Christmas gifts this year and will be donating the money we'd have spent on each other. We haven't decided on a recipient yet, but we are thinking probably the Hurricane Sandy disaster relief through our church's denomination. That will probably be done through our church, so that will be Sunday. We'll be out tomorrow, so we can probably swing through somewhere and do something. And I'll be out on Monday. I need to brainstorm.....

Will post back later today once I've come up with something :D


  1. I've been inspired by your posts. As a lunch lady I see a lot of kids who sometimes don't have enough money to buy lunch or who are having a bad day (teary eyes) and it breaks my heart. The other day I gave $10 to my lead who runs the register and told her to use the extra funds to help out kids who may need a little help. I'm going to try and do that more often.

    1. Oh that's a good idea! My daughter goes to a very small Christian school. They don't provide lunch, so I can't do that but maybe I can look into that at the local elementary school.... I'm glad my posts have inspired people. My goal in posting this series hasn't been to boast about what we are doing, but it's been to (hopefully) inspire others to do the same. I'm glad to hear that goal is being met! :D

  2. One Sunday a few weeks ago, I prayed for God to show me who to help...after church I realized my phone was missing. I tried calling it and soon it went right to voice mail. After a few hours, a man called my home phone and told me he had found it. He said his phone had been turned off and he was tempted to keep my phone and use it, however he said he has just turned back to God and knew that "This was a test from the Lord". We made plans to meet and I gave him $40 to turn his phone on. I also told him I had prayed for God to show me who to help...he was crying and I was crying. I told him that God knew he needed the money and I had it to give him.

    So this long winded version is to simply tell you to pray. God will answer your prayers in amazing ways :)

  3. Okay so these are some of the simple things I've been trying to do this year which could be RACKs. We subscribe to a lot of magazines and I gather them up every now and then, cut out our name/address info, and take them to the lobby of our local hospital. When my mother was in the hospital, I was always so grateful to have some magazines to look through and I've been noticing that when I drop them off, people immediately start going for them...

    Another easy thing is if you have any books, donate to the Friends of the Library.

    We donate all of our old blankets and towels to the local Humane society--they always need that stuff.

    Sometimes when we have a little extra money (and they have good coupons) we'll go to Subway and buy a bunch of sandwiches and hot chocolates and distribute to homeless people we find in our area (there are a lot).

    Every year around this time, we weed out and re-plant a vacant and sad little corner of a city lot that would otherwise be an eyesore. (I'm in California so it may be too cold where you are for gardening!)

    We do a "litter pick-up" at the trailhead of one of our favorite hiking spots every now and then. The only caveat is that you want to make sure the kids aren't going to get into something dangerous (needles, glass, etc.) I usually scout out an area with relatively unscary looking garbage for them to work on and my husband and I pick up the glass or other nasty stuff.

    Last idea--it requires a little organization (but not much). I work with a local charity and can call them up and volunteer to phone-bank from home virtually any time. They email me a list, I make the calls. It takes an hour of my time and sometimes I really do raise some good money for them!