Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness - Days 19 and 20

I'm in the process of playing catch-up. I actually had several opportunities presented to me today and I was able to easily do two of them.

I stopped in at the eye doctor's office to pick up my husband's glasses. While I was waiting for them, I spotted a box on the counter for donations to help provide eye exams and glasses to people in third-world countries. I dropped in all the cash I had in my wallet (not much, but enough to "provide an eye exam and glasses").

Then I went to the grocery store to pick up some last-minute ingredients for Christmas dinner. While I was there, I grabbed a gift card for that grocery store, put $20 on it, and left it with the cashier to give to the next person in line. I'm under-budget on this project, so I wanted to make that one a little more significant. Hopefully it helped someone buy part of a nice Christmas dinner. :)


  1. I thought of you this evening. I totally blew a chance to do a RACK of my own. I met a guy for a Craigslist sale. He was buying a Snuggie, new in box, for $10. He drove an hour to come buy it! I have no idea why. I pulled up to meet him and didn't even end up getting out of the car, just handed it out the window while he handed me the money and told me very enthusiastically that it was for his dear 88 year old father who would appreciate it so much, and that it was going to a good home and would be well taken care of. The entire thing took less than a minute, and as I was driving away I realized I had just missed my chance! I should have said Merry Christmas, and just given it to him for free. It would have been nice for the guy, nice for the Dad, would have made me feel good too. The more I thought about it the more I was kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner. Darn it!

  2. I'm sure we all miss a lot more opportunities than we realize. But now you have an idea in the back of your mind for next time! :)