Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pez Dispensers!

I collected PEZ dispensers through my early adult years. I had a box of nearly 100 of them sitting in my closet for several years. Finally, I decided to sell them. It made me sad selling so many memories, but they were just sitting in my closet, so I decided I would rather have a collector enjoy them and display them. They sold for somewhere around $80, which is less than I had been hoping for, but good enough.

Fast forward to this past October. A girl on my local Facebook yard sale group had her collection for sale. I paid $50 for almost 200 of them. I separated out the Star Trek set and sold it for $14.99. I also separate out the keychains, which I still have listed.  I have gotten several $50 offers for the larger collection of 173 of them. Those offers were obviously from buyers who intended to break it down into smaller lots (or even individual dispensers) and resell them for more. I had NO interest in selling them to a reseller, so I held out for more. Just a few minutes ago, I got an offer from a buyer in Texas for $145! I didn't even hesitate before clicking the "Accept Offer" button. She paid immediately, upgrading to Priority shipping (another $20). I assume they are for a Christmas gift, which makes me smile.

Today has been a really awesome sales day!

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  1. Woo hoo! Nicely done! I just bought a big lot of items and listed them together with a big fat price tag. If the lot doesn't sell by Friday, I'll have to break it down, but I like having one fee, one shipment and especially one big payment! :)