Friday, August 31, 2012

Miche, Miche, Miche!

Boy, I'll tell you what. I am having SO MUCH FUN buying and selling Miche! You're probably getting tired of hearing it, but I'm gonna talk about it again. I have sold 6 shells in the past 7 days, 3 of which were just today. I am currently running a 10% off Miche sale, so I guess that's what's going on, but it's still a great profit.

Remember the big lot of Miche that I bought for dirt cheap at a yard sale earlier this summer? I paid $97 for all of it, and here's what's sold:

For those of you who don't want to drag your calculators out, that's a total of $632.32 in sales so far, with 8 shells left to go. In addition to the photos above, there was also a lot of 5 stained shells I sold quickly in a group, and I do have a second purple Ellie shell (bottom left).

I've been buying a few shells here and there from my Facebook group, but yesterday, I bought another largish lot:

I was a little disappointed to discover that 3 of them are slightly damaged, but I think I should still do alright on this lot. There's some designs here that I haven't seen or sold before, so I'm curious to see how they do.


  1. So very jealous! I don't ever find anything good like that on our FB sites, and I've only found Miche once at a yard sale (just sold all for about $125 profit (less fees, of course). Just put out a couple of "in search of" ads on FB and CL, so hopefully that will produce results. Good luck with your new batch!

    ~ Barbara

  2. People on my area FB sites know what Miche is worth and price high. I did just get a large bag with two shells for $30 which i think I will list closer to Christmas. Though the one shell is so pretty I want to keep it for myself. I might just use it until I sell it. lol!

  3. That's so awesome!!!
    I finally found a facebook group in my area but have never seen any Miche listed on it. Actually, I have yet to find a deal worth going for on there. Most people price their items at what they would sell for on ebay and usually mention how much they go for on there so not sure that I'm going to find any great deals with that group. I did find some Miche shells on craigslist but they are asking from $15-$40 each.

  4. I haven't heard of Miche here in rural France, but you have definitely found a little niche in the market (no pun intended!)

  5. You are so lucky with your miche. Everyone on my fb group prices theirs at $15 a shell. I did manage to get some shells yesterday from the consignment shop so hopefully mine sell as quick as yours