Sunday, August 26, 2012

Road Trip Goodies - Batch #5

Phew. I'm still plowing through this stuff. I'm quite proud of the progress I've made. Usually I bring this stuff home and it just sits there for months. But I've gotten a LOT of it listed!

This batch is all shoes, so bear with me. I'll keep it brief :-)

 Clarks. Boring. This is a bread and butter brand for me. Steady sellers but absolutely nothing to write home about.

 I don't find Ariats too often, but when I do, they sell well. The insoles of these show a good bit of wear, but the leather polished up nicely and they are holding their shape well. Besides, they were the half-price color. I should be able to get $35ish for these.

 I have a firm rule about Clarks. I refuse to buy any that are older than 4 years old. Did you know that the manufacture date is stamped inside Clarks? You'll see a 5-digit style number, followed by a xx/xx number. That's the month and year of manufacture. I have had to send out too many refunds for broken and dry-rotted shoes, so I stick with the newer ones. These were a year or two outside my rule.  But they look like they've hardly been worn, so I took a chance on them.

These are Birkenstock Footprints mary janes. I've sold a few Birks in the past, but I've kind of quit buying them unless they are in great condition. I have never seen Birkenstock MJ's, and these are in like-new condition. The soles look as if they have never touched the ground. I am optimistic about these.

More Clarks. At least these are a little more interesting-looking...

These are Clarks too. But they are absolutely darling, so I bought them. Oh, and did I mention they are my size? ;-)

SAS sandals. I've mentioned SAS shoes often. Always buy them, if they're in good condition.

BOC (a division of Born) wedge sandals. These are a size 6. I try to avoid size 6, because I can't seem to sell that size for the life of me. But these are cute and look as if they have never been worn, so I got them. We'll see...

Vegan Danskos! Who knew such a thing even existed? Not me. The whites on these cleaned up very nicely with Goo Gone. I haven't researched them, but I expect them to do very well. They're in really great condition, and a little different than your typical Danskos.

Another cute-ish pair of Clarks. These feel buttery-soft, almost like nubuck, but not quite. I should maybe have listed them last week for back to school? I dunno. Do girls wear gold flowered flats to school these days?


  1. I sold a pair of those Footprint mary janes in March for $59.99. I think it sold fast too!

  2. They are in my lap, being listed right this minute. There was a pair recently that sold for around $90! There is a pair that is currently up to $60 at auction. Mine are a EUR size 40. I hope that is a factor that brings a high price. I'm thinking of $69.99 + shipping, at least for the first month, until I can get a good idea of the interest in this size.

  3. The Danskos are on clearance on 6PM for @ $31 right now (regular $89.95), but many people may not know that. Hopefully yours will sell high!

    1. Fingers crossed! I'm content to leave mine listed until after the 6pm sale is over :)

  4. Shoes aren't boring. They sell. Selling is not boring.
    NOT selling is boring. And as a non-boring bonus I learned about Clark's mfg date!!

  5. Not related to shoes, but... I sold a large expensive item. I shipped it w/ signature confirmation. When I check the tracking, it says a notice was left and then has this blurb off to the side about the buyer has 15 days to pick up the item at the post office, etc. What od I do if the package is returned to me b/c the buyer never picked it up? I just refund the money minus shipping? Should I contact the buyer through ebay to remind them to pick up their package?

  6. I've never had that happen before. I don't see how it would hurt anything to send them a message. If there's no response and it gets returned to you, then message them again, offering to reship for $x.xx, or offering to cancel.

  7. Shoes are boring but the sales aren't! So true! Good luck with those!

  8. Thanks for the tip on the Clarks. I had no idea about the date stamp.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else