Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things Are Picking Up!

My sales are finally picking up! My June sales were about 80-85% of what they were before this big long dry spell. Woo hoo!

I sell a lot of the same types of items over and over again, so my sales posts get a little monotonous. I apologize for that. I only wish I could find the fun and exciting stuff more often :)

My sister-in-law brought me these Pikolinos to sell. It was a brand I had never heard of, but after researching them, I expected them to do well. I'm a little disappointed, but hey - I still more than tripled my investment, so I can't complain :)

  • Acquired On: 11/26/11 (sister-in-law)
  • Listed On: 12/13/11
  • Sold On: 7/31/12
  • Paid: $5.90
  • Sold For: $22.50 + shipping
 More Converse! I don't care whether they are made in USA or Vietnam or China. If I see great condition Converse for $5 or less, I am buying them. They sell very consistently for me.
  • Acquired On: 6/6/12 (Facebook group)
  • Listed On: 6/14/12
  • Sold On: 7/30/12
  • Paid: $5
  • Sold For: $25 + shipping

I've sold this particular design twice now. I absolutely love it, but I do not like the shape of the classic Miche bag, so I won't keep it for myself.

  • Acquired On: 6/28/12 (yard sale)
  • Listed On: 6/30/12
  • Sold On: 8/1/12
  • Paid: $2
  • Sold For: $34.99 + shipping

I have sold this exact style of SAS sandals twice now. SAS is something else I will always buy in great condition. Some people can squeeze $50-60 out of SAS shoes, but I aim for $40 to get the quick sale, especially when I get them at Goodwill for $2.99.
  • Acquired On: 7/7/12 (Indiana Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 7/22/12
  • Sold On: 7/31/12
  • Paid: $3.94
  • Sold For: $40 + shipping

I am making a killing on that huge Miche lot I bought in June. To recap, I bought 5 bags, an organizer, and 29 shells for $97. To date, I have sold all 5 bags, the organizer, and 17 shells for a total of $489! I still have 12 shells left, and I sell them for $30-35 each, so that's another $300+ once they sell. Woot!

I spent all day yesterday and the day before testing, cleaning, and listing hot rollers. I had 10 sets that had piled up. I just finished listing them a few minutes ago. That is easily the most detestable part of this job. I love almost every aspect of this job, but not cleaning hot rollers. I wish I could just learn to leave them behind, but the profit margin is so good on them that I just can't stop myself.

Big exciting news!! Several of us are getting together to go to eBay on Location in September! I don't recall it ever being anywhere near me in the time that I've been selling on eBay, so I was excited that it's in Philadelphia this time! I'll be sure to post pictures and my thoughts on the conference when it's over :)


  1. I must be doing something wrong lately because I FINALLY sold 2 pair of SAS shoes for $25 - have had them in the store for almost a year now and I was so happy to see them go. I think I am done picking those up!

  2. Great sales! Have you moved into your Ebay building yet? I'm excited to see pictures!

  3. They must have turned the sign on for my store because I have had 16 sales since 8/1!!! Things have been sooooo slow... The lady at my PO said "wow, you have a lot today". Hope to hear that phrase a lot this month.