Friday, August 10, 2012


I have just finished up a 3 day thrifting shopping spree. We will be headed home in an hour or so. I've got every nook and cranny packed full in my van. My head is spinning. I have gotten so many amazing goodies this week. I don't even remember it all.

When I get home, I have to get groceries and get the house ready for a birthday slumber party tonight. What was I thinking with that scheduling?? Tomorrow is my nephew's first birthday party. Sunday is church. I hope to squeeze in some time with my new playthings over the weekend, but I won't get any real time for photos or research or listing until next week :(

I will post my finds as I am able. There is so much that I will probably break it down into several posts over the next week.

Looks like we'll be traveling home in rain. I pray we don't wreck, because I'd hate to hear what the emergency responders would say about me later. "Dude, you should have seen this call I went out on this morning. Pretty sure the lady was a hoarder. She had crap stuffed in every possible corner of her van. She had kids in there too but I could hardly see them past all the stuff. This lady must have a disease of some sort."

Lol. I'll drive carefully :)


  1. Can't wait to see all the great stuff you got!! Have a great weekend and I hope you had a safe and uneventful drive home.


  2. I once made a 13 hour drive from CA to OR like that. My brother's family was moving from a big house in Sacramento to a small on-base (he's Air Force) apartment in Japan. They had the movers come in and pack up everything they were taking with them, and then literally let me go through their house and take whatever I wanted that was left because it was all going to Goodwill. Our Jeep could not have been more packed. Mind you, this was a couple years ago, before I started selling on eBay. More than once I have fantasized about having that opportunity again, and how much differently I would select what I was bringing home . . .