Friday, March 9, 2012

Shakin' It Up a Bit

Since I'm apparently bad at blogging at night, I thought I'd try daytime blogging for awhile and see how that goes...

I mentioned in my last post that I was headed out of town the next day to visit a friend who is moving at the end of the month. She wanted me to go through all her stuff that she wasn't taking with her, and take whatever I wanted to try to sell on eBay. What fun! She and I get along very well, so we had a great time visiting, and I came home with some fun new goodies that I am excited about!

My bread and butter items are shoes and clothing. I know they'll sell, and I know how much I can expect to get out of them. But let's face it - those things are boring. I enjoy the oddball one of a kind items. They're a lot more fun to research. I came home with several boxes of that type of items. Yes, they'll take me longer to research and list, but they'll be fun. I'm excited to get started on them because those boxes are taking up half my living room! But I have a basket of clothes that I have photos ready for, so I need to finish those first. Then, I'll post highlights of this other stuff as I dig them out and get them ready to list.

What have I been selling lately? Clothes. I am amazed at the profit margin I'm managing to obtain on this clothing. I wish I'd done this two years ago! Like this Ecko long-sleeved tee that I paid 99c for in January and sold yesterday for $21.99.

And this Jones New York 100% silk blouse I paid $3.19 for and sold for $29.99. Add that brand to your BOLO list. It's a really expensive brand, and I've sold several pieces of it for high prices (like a pair of plain black trousers a week or so ago for my full asking price of $59.99!)

And this Army BDU jacket that I paid $3.99 for and sold for $27.99.

And clothing is so easy to list! I buy mostly new with tags, so they don't need cleaned. I take 2 pictures (front and back), and I include 3 or 4 measurements (depending on the garment). And you can't beat the ease of shipping them! When I first started selling women's clothing, it was just a trial. But I am convinced! I'm going to be writing a post in the next few days about what I've learned so far - what brands have and haven't been selling for me, photos, measurements, shipping, etc.


I'll leave you with a teaser photo of my new pile of goodies....


  1. Good sales. Listing clothing is boring but thats mostly what I sell also. I did sell a 3D puzzle this week. I never would have thought of looking for these if it wasn't for your blog. I've branched out to other items thanks to you.

  2. Great job! I hardly ever find NWT clothing, or if I do, it's a brand from Walmart or something! I did find a 100% cashmere NWT sweater last week but I paid $7.50 for it.....

  3. Some really nice scores! I've passed on BDUs in the past but based on your jacket, I need to re-consider those! ...Dude!

  4. That one was new with tags. I sold some of my husbands pre-owned ones in my early selling days for around $18.