Thursday, March 22, 2012

Legal Matters

I got a phone call from eBay's legal department this morning.

To recap: I registered as a domain name for this blog. A couple weeks later, I got an email from the eBay legal department informing me that it was a trademark violation, and that I needed to cease use of the domain name immediately or they would take legal action. I immediately cancelled the domain name and replied to them letting them know that.

A few days later, they wrote again, upset that I hadn't stopped using the domain name. I wrote back that I HAD stopped, and that I had emailed them to tell them that.

Several people suggested that it might not have been a legitimate email, so I contacted eBay customer service, who suggested that I forward it to eBay's spoof team. I did, and a couple days later got a response back saying that it was "most likely not sent to you from eBay." I decided that in legal instances, "most likely" wasn't good enough, so I called customer service again, and she suggested that I write an old-fashioned postal letter to the legal department.

I did that about 2 weeks ago and heard back from them today. Turns out, it actually WAS from them, and it actually IS a trademark violation to have the word "ebay" in any domain name at all that isn't actually eBay. I thought I was safe by cancelling my registered domain name, but the domain name that I was assigned by Blogger when I created this blog also has the word "ebay" in it. I asked her if that was ok, if it wasn't a registered domain name, and she said, "no, that's still a trademark violation."

Ugh. So I have to change the name of my blog. But just changing the name of it doesn't change the blogger-assigned URL, which means I'll have to create a NEW blog, export/import all of my posts/comments here, and shut this blog down.

Now that I'm fully informed, I refuse to be a "willful infringer," as they called me in a previous email. :-\

So, once that's complete, I'll be sure to post here where the new blog is. I guess I'll be working on that this weekend. One more distraction from listing, as if this goooooooorrrrrgeous weather hasn't been enough of a distraction. lol.


  1. Bad luck - Ebay are a bit too big for their own boots if you ask me. Still, they do give me an income so I suppose I shouldn't grumble!

  2. Ugh, what a pain!
    I think it's ridiculous though how long it took to get a response from them.

  3. Well, that sucks, but it's a good thing you double checked, otherwise it could have been scary bad. I know that your loyal readers will follow you anywhere. I can't wait to find out what the new blog name will be!

  4. I see several other blogs with eBay in the name and they have not been targeted. Strange.

  5. You should get in touch with Miriam Otto of The eBay Life Blog. She has used eBay in her name and hasn't had issues as far as I know.

  6. Yep, there are quite a few others that haven't gotten caught yet. Including our forum...

  7. Geez, you would think that they could have gotten your concern answered correctly the first time around. I hope that everything goes easily during your "forced" transition.

    Danelle (also known as the other half)