Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Top eBay Moments This Week

Sales are definitely slower than normal right now. I sold 42 items. I had to open 1 unpaid item case, but he pulled through at the very last minute. I didn't have any returns or cancellations, so overall, I consider the week a success.

Here are my favorites:

I bought this wool Chadwick's blazer on my very first thrifting trip after deciding I was ready to venture into women's clothing. I've learned a lot since then. :)  Chadwick's apparently isn't quite the brand name I thought it was. I was hopeful though, because of the plus size and the bright color. It did finally sell this week, during my 25% off sale.
  • Acquired On: 12/31/11 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 1/3/12
  • Sold On: 3/1/12
  • Paid: $2.99
  • Sold For: $18.74 + shipping

When I first saw these on display up front at my Goodwill, I got all excited until I saw the price tag. $9.99 for the three? Hmm. I'm not sure ... until I realized that they were EACH marked $9.99! So I laughed and put them back. Not surprisingly, no one else was willing to pay that either, and several weeks later, they were back on the shelf, priced much more reasonably at $2.99 each. They took awhile to sell, but I'm happy with the sale.
  • Acquired On: 9/26/11 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 9/28/11
  • Sold On: 3/2/12
  • Paid: $6.33
  • Sold For: $20.95 + shipping

I have had these Borns forEVER, so I was so glad to be rid of them.
  • Acquired On: 10/27/10 (yes, a year and a half ago) (from my sister-in-law)
  • Listed On: ??
  • Sold On: 2/26/12
  • Paid: $4.90
  • Sold For: $22.50 - $4.99 shipping

These Talbot's slacks sold very quickly. I think I mentioned them earlier this week. I had someone contact me last Sunday to tell me she wanted them, but couldn't pay until 3/2. I told her to go ahead and buy them but that she could wait until 3/2 to pay for them. Well, she didn't. And someone beat her to them. She wrote me yesterday, distraught because she thought they had sold. Then she wrote me again, thrilled that she was still able to buy them. Then she wrote me again, confused because she couldn't find the Buy It Now button. Then she wrote me again, asking if I had gotten her payment, because her eBay shopping cart shows them as paid. What in the world? Didn't seem to matter how many times I explained to her that she waited too long and someone else bought them. But I haven't heard from her today, so I guess I finally got through to her.
  • Acquired On: 2/17/12 (Harrisburg Salvation Army - road trip)
  • Listed On: 2/21/12
  • Sold On: 2/27/12
  • Paid: $4.99
  • Sold For: $29.99 + shipping (I'm sure I could have gotten much more for these, but the retail price was torn from the tag, so I didn't know how much they were originally. I think I priced them too low, but I'm still happy with the profit margin.)

I buy all the NWT Sag Harbor stuff I see, but I'm not sure why, since it hasn't been selling very quickly.
  • Acquired On: 1/17/12 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 1/19/12
  • Sold On: 2/28/12
  • Paid: $2.99
  • Sold For: $29.99 + shipping

I've had these Doc Martens for quite awhile too. They're really in excellent condition, so I thought for sure I could a good price for them. They sold for a good amount, but it took a long time.
  • Acquired On: 7/15/11 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 9/30/11
  • Sold On: 3/1/12
  • Paid: $1.50
  • Sold For: $40.00 - $4.99 shipping

 I ALWAYS buy Merrells in good condition. They usually sell super-quickly. These were very close to new condition, so I'm surprised they took as long as they did to sell. I'm thrilled with how much old, old inventory I got rid of this week.
  • Acquired On: 5/5/11 (Harrisburg Salvation Army - road trip)
  • Listed On: 9/30/11
  • Sold On: 2/27/12
  • Paid: $2.49
  • Sold For: $40.00 + shipping

Jones New York seems to be a great brand! These are just basic black trousers, but they sold quickly - and for my full asking price, even though I had Best Offer on them!
  • Acquired On: 1/31/12 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 2/6/12
  • Sold On: 2/29/12
  • Paid: $4.99
  • Sold For: $59.99 + shipping

And my top sale of the week - these Salvatore Ferragamo wingtips. They sold once, but that buyer immediately backed out because he didn't read the size first. I relisted them and they re-sold within 2 weeks of relisting. I've had them for a long time, but I don't mind at all. This sale was worth the wait :)
  • Acquired On: 6/9/11 (Salvation Army)
  • Listed On: ?
  • Sold On: 2/29/12
  • Paid: $8.99
  • Sold For: $130.00 + shipping
What were your favorites this week?


  1. I would like to start selling more clothes as well. I do have just a torso mannequin for shirts but am thinking I will need a different one for skirts and pants. Do you have a full-bodied one or just one that has partial legs? Jen

  2. Hi Jen, I have a full torso plus-sized sewing dress form, which is what that first Chadwick's blazer was on.

    I also have a front-only torso that I am using more often now.

    I've heard that the full body ones are a real pain to dress and undress.

  3. I agree that sales are slower. I had 5 items end last night with no bids. :(
    Good point about the full body mannequin. (Imagines self trying to get pants on one and laughs)