Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Top eBay Moments This Week

My sales units have been decreasing lately, but the dollar amounts are increasing. It's always nice to see my average price per sale go up, because that means I'm working less for more money! I sold 43 items this week. I didn't have any returns or complaints. I didn't have any UPI's close. I do have one open right now from a buyer in Singapore who bought a suede eraser. But other than that, I had a great week, customer-wise.

My favorite sales:

I have a love-hate relationship with Wilton pans. This one would be on the "hate" side. I am so glad to be rid of it. I tried everything to sell this stupid pan: sales, auctions, high price with best offer, low price without best offer, low price WITH best offer, free shipping. Nothing was working. Finally, I ended the listing and relisted it using the Sell Similar link. I changed it to first class shipping instead of priority (do you know you can wrap these in a couple layers of bubble wrap and ship them in a poly mailer via first class mail??), and it sold very quickly. Good riddance, I say.
  • Acquired On: 5/8/11 (from my sister-in-law)
  • Listed On: ??
  • Sold On: 3/7/12
  • Paid: $2.01
  • Sold For: $9.99 + shipping

I've been avoiding Fashion Bug clothes, but for some reason, I bought these anyway. I am surprised at how quickly they sold.
  • Acquired On: 1/25/12 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 1/26/12
  • Sold On: 3/10/12
  • Paid: 99 cents
  • Sold For: $17.99 + shipping

I mentioned this men's Ecko Unltd shirt the other day. That seems to be a good brand. I've only ever listed 3 or 4 of them, but they've all sold quickly. This one had a cool holographic rhino thing on the front that just didn't show up well in the photo.
  • Acquired On: 1/17/12 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 1/19/12
  • Sold On: 3/8/12
  • Paid: 99 cents
  • Sold For: $21.99 + shipping

I bought these Sanita sandals at a yard sale last summer thinking they were Danskos. Sanita used to be a part of Dansko, but then they went off on their own, I believe. You might still find Sanita's that also say Dansko on them. These didn't. They were slow to sell. I probably won't bother with that brand again.
  • Acquired On: 8/12/11 (Yard Sale)
  • Listed On: ?
  • Sold On: 3/9/11
  • Paid: $1.00
  • Sold For: $25.00 + shipping

There are two different types of Earth-brand shoes. There is Earth with a big E, which is a Walmart brand. There is earth with a small e, which is a really good brand. I have always known the difference between the two, except for the day I bought these. I came home that day with 3 pairs of Earth shoes, all excited, thinking they were earth shoes. Ugh. So I've been stuck with them for a long time. Fortunately, these were just wild enough to find the right buyer eventually. The size didn't help much. Who wants red leather mary jane sneakers in a size 11? Probably a pretty small segment of the population...
  • Acquired On: 7/15/11 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 11/22/11 (I suspect that was probably a relist date)
  • Sold On: 3/9/12
  • Paid: $4.97
  • Sold For: $25.00 + shipping

This belonged to my sister's mother-in-law. I have been selling most of her wardrobe since she passed away last fall. I thought this outfit would be one of the first to go. It took awhile, but I finally got a good price for it.
  • Acquired On: Fall 2011
  • Listed On: 11/1/11
  • Sold On: 3/4/12
  • Paid: $0
  • Sold For: $29.99 - $4.99 shipping

This Jones New York blouse sold very quickly! I will always buy all JNY clothing NWT, and will probably seriously considering buying any I find without the tags, as long as they're in great condition.
  • Acquired On: 2/29/12 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 3/6/12
  • Sold On: 3/8/12
  • Paid: $3.19
  • Sold For: $29.99 + shipping

I don't know why I was hesitant to buy Ralph Lauren clothing when I first started buying clothes for resale. I've done well with them so far, so I'll definitely continue buying them in good shape. This one was a larger size, so I think that helped it.
  • Acquired On: 1/25/12 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 2/6/12
  • Sold On: 3/6/12
  • Paid: $1.20
  • Sold For: $30.00 + shipping

Lilly Pulitzer ... I've heard a lot about it. I VERY rarely find it around here. I found this gorgeous jacket on my most recent road trip to Harrisburg. I aimed high and ended up taking an offer I was quite pleased with.
  • Acquired On: 2/17/12 (Harrisburg local thrift)
  • Listed On: 2/20/12
  • Sold On: 3/7/12
  • Paid: $5.99
  • Sold For: $35.00 + shipping

Another quick one. Clothing sells so much faster than shoes do - I love it! This was a Villager Woman brand, which is a division of Liz Claiborne.
  • Acquired On: 1/31/12 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 2/6/12
  • Sold On: 3/5/12
  • Paid: $3.99
  • Sold For: $39.99 + shipping (got my full asking price, despite having the best offer option on this one)

You're probably tired of hearing about the big yard sale I went to last fall. I bought 120 pieces there, and I only have 40 left. So hopefully you won't have to hear about it too much longer :)   The pieces I was most excited about from that sale were the huge stack of 10 or so Rothschild spring coats. I realized that because I bought them in September, they would be slow sellers, and I thought I was content to sit on them, but I am so sick of looking at them. They're taking up too much space in my closet, so I dropped my price on them this week. I sold one the next day, so I might have found a better price point on them. Hopefully.
  • Acquired On: 9/3/11
  • Listed On: 9/9/11
  • Sold On: 3/8/12
  • Paid: $14.00 (way too much - I didn't know there was going to be a half-price sale the next weekend!)
  • Sold For: $40.00 + shipping

This is the only pair of Justin boots I've ever found. They are apparently good sellers. I think I probably paid a little more for them than I should have. Or maybe my purchase price would have been okay if I had held out for a higher price, but I was happy with a quicker turnover on these.
  • Acquired On: 12/28/11 (Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 12/19/11
  • Sold On: 3/4/12
  • Paid: $9.99
  • Sold For: $50.00 + shipping

And last but not least, I suspect I let these Allen Edmonds go a little cheaper than I should have, but I've become rather fond of turning my inventory over a little quicker, rather than waiting an extra 6 months to make an extra $10 on it. I was perfectly happy with this offer, so I decided to take it.
  • Acquired On: 8/4/11 (Virginia Goodwill)
  • Listed On: 8/8/11
  • Sold On: 3/4/12
  • Paid: $4.20
  • Sold For: $90.00 + shipping
What were your favorite sales this week?


  1. You sold a wilton pan> I need some of that magic dust. Everything and I mean I have tried everything besides amazon to sell the 2 I have. ughh not on my bolo for anymore. I am leary of the bubble wrap and padded envelope. I figured the PO would crush them. You got feedback?

    I have 3 questions about shoes if you don't mind since you are THE shoe expert:)
    1. I have Dr. Martens I think steel toe will have hubby confirm but the seam that goes around each side up by the toe and when it extends up to your ankle turns into where the laces go? One side of it the seam is torn-threads are just hanging. I have put off listing them. Redonate or make sure to point out with pictures and at what price steel toe___not steel toe____?
    2. Ferragamos ladies I have a nice pair of classic pumps but they feel sticky? I did ask other members of the family and they agree they are sticky...Are they patent leather? Have not polished yet maybe that would help-any suggestions on how to clean. Price at ?
    3. Allen Edmonds Size 15AA but the inside of the shoe the side wall is peeling in a few areas. I know they are expensive shoes and I have to note that in pictures but what to price at?The outside of the shoe is in great shape..
    I hope I haven't bombarded you with too much.
    On a lighter side, a yard sale today there was a child pair of Ugg boots. She had 60!!!!! dollars on them. I asked and she said oh I can't let those go for less than that. And a pair of 7 for all mankind jeansor what ever those are ---50 bucks and the bottom hems looked like they had been walked on across the desert!!I told DD when we got in the car that she would be dragging them back in her house this afternoon!I did buy several things that were decently priced. A full juice set of vintage orange tupperware for $2!!

    1. I was nervous about the bubble-wrapped Wilton pans at first too, but I've actually shipped several of them like that and have never had a problem.

      1. Dr Martens - I wouldn't bother listing them at all if they are torn.

      2. ladies Ferragamos - I've only ever found one pair and I've had them since last summer. They don't seem to sell nearly as well as the men's. I've just recently added Best Offer to that listing. Hopefully that will get them gone. Yours are sticky on the outside? I would just wash them with a rag dipped in Mr. Clean (or Lysol) mixed with water. Make sure to rinse the rag out well and wipe it off, or they may still end up with a sticky residue. I couldn't tell you if they are patent leather or not without seeing a picture.

      3. Allen Edmonds - have you tried repairing the shoe wall with Barge Cement? (I usually sell that but I'm out right now.) It's a pretty good leather cement that might help with that. You'd have to mention in your listing that it had been repaired. Size 15AA will probably sit for a really long time waiting for just the right buyer. My Ferragamos that I sold last year for $150 were 15's, but not AA's.

      That yard sale lady is crazy! If she wants those prices out of that stuff, she should consign them. Yard sale shoppers want to pay yard sale prices, not boutique prices. But good find on the Tupperware!

    2. Thanks for the replies.

      I see what you mean about all the shoes. And I wanted to let you know one pair of the footjoys I had asked you about sold within 2 weeks for $30 something plus shipping. They were free to me.
      I still have 2 pair to list but I have listing priorities right now.

      I am on a listing freeze. Can only list up to 275 items until the 16th when I can call to get more added. UGggggghhhh!!!! I hate that! Until a month ago I was at 175 so I try to be picky about what I list. I have BOXES of inventory but only want to list "pretty sure things" at decent money. I could list 6 carebears for 12-15 bucks each or 2 pair of Danskos-trying to work smarter not harder.

      And I didn't know until last week that relisting was taking that number down too. Duh me, I thought it was new listings only. So now I am being even more picky.
      I want to sell enough not to have a listing freeze and not to have paypal holding my money~~~~~~~~~
      Thanks Jessica for all your help.

    3. Oh how frustrating!! I was lucky enough to start selling on eBay before they started with those listing limits and Paypal holds. I couldn't even imagine only being allowed to list 275 items per month. Stupid rules.

  2. I've been leery of the bubble-wrapped Wilton pans too--I can see those aluminum pans being dented pretty easily somehow!

    FYI on the Sanitas--I noticed too that they looked exactly like the Danskos, and on the internet I researched that Sanita is the original Denmark brand--here's my write up in a listing:

    Beautiful Sanita Clogs are the Original Danish Clog Made in Denmark since 1907. Do you think they Look like the DANSKO Brand?? --They are the Same, in a way--Dansko marketed Sanita Clogs as 'Dansko' in the United States in the 1990s, and they lost their contract with Sanita in 2007. Sanita now sells the many of the same original styles they've always had--under the Original Name: SANITA. Most Buyers LOVE Both for the supportive Soles with the subtle rocking motion that helps propel you forward. I have heard that Sanita Clogs always fit the the same as the originals, and they are STILL handcrafted in Europe, this pair was Made in POLAND. (It is said that Dansko's sizing can differ sometimes, depending on the style and where they were crafted--often in China.)

    FYI, they sold for $45(FS) and I listed under "Sanita Dansko Clogs.." I guess there's major lawsuits that have been going on for decades in Denmark about this.

    I just found a pair that looks just like the same logo under "Solveig"--I haven't yet had a chance to look that up yet! Love your Blog, but now We Sell on eBay has barely anything to say without you!

    1. Great information!!

      My original intention when I switched to this blog was to keep blogging at WSOE twice a week. There are some weeks when I'm hard-pressed to keep this blog active. I should have known I wouldn't be able to keep up with both regularly. I need better time management skills - or a clone!