Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Doors Are Opened!

I've had a slow-ish week or so on eBay. Yes, I've had a few high-sales days, but mostly, I've just been cruising along at a lowish level. I spent most of my weekend listing, and I got a total of 85 new items listed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That seems to have done the trick, because my cash register was cha-chinging all day long today!

I'm also running a huge 25% off clearance sale on over 400 items, so between those two factors, I've done quite well.

I sold a lot of items for great prices that I'm thrilled with. But I also sold a lot of items for low prices that I'm just happy to be rid of. Sometimes you have to know when to cut your losses and let your stale junk inventory go to a new home.

Like this, for example:

I originally bought it intending to actually use it. Ha! Like I have time for that nonsense. I listed it in September and only ever got one low offer on it. This weekend, it was 25% off, marked down to $22.49. I just accepted a $15 offer on it. Yes, I was hoping for more than that, considering it's new in the box, but I know when enough is enough. I'm sure someone is thrilled with the bargain :)


I had someone offer me $25 for these Allen Edmonds the other day. $25! I have them listed for $149.99 or best offer. He felt the need to tell me that they were "very overpriced, considering their sole modification and condition of the structure."  Yeah well ... I sold them today for $90. So there.

Sometimes it just feels good to be immature about things.


Here's a sale I don't understand.

I just listed these Tupperware Shelf Savers last night, for $14.99. They sold already today. I checked the other listings for these same items, and mine were literally the most expensive ones. So why did my buyer choose mine over the pair for $8.99? I have no idea. There were several less expensive ones that were being sold by Top Rated Sellers, so I know it wasn't that. I checked on some of the other listings and saw that they were in good condition, no mention of melting, warping, smells, etc... Who knows. But who am I to question why they chose mine? :)


Here's another example of letting something go, just to turn it over and move on.

Now, I've only had these since December, which for me, is pretty recent. So much of my inventory is slower moving. But these are bulky and were taking up a lot of valuable storage space. Also, this was the ONLY interest anyone had expressed in these at all, so I figured I'd take the bird in the hand on this one.  They sold for $50, so I'm not complaining!


I was all caught up on my packaging this afternoon, and I was feeling pretty smug about that. But I had enough sales this afternoon that I'm going to have a lot to do in the morning anyway. Good thing I got the first half of the day's sales packaged early!

I'm anxious to see what this week holds, sales-wise. I plan to work on my overflowing basket of clothes over the next couple days. Then I really ought to get to that mountain of shoes that I've accumulated. Selling shoes is my first love, after all. And I've neglected them to the point where I think I'm down to only 140 pairs or so. I had over 300 pairs at one point, so 140 is a pathetically low inventory level. It's just so much quicker and easier to list NWT clothing than it is to polish and list shoes. But I must do it. I've got some great brands in that shoe pile. Lots of potential money. Can't sell it if I don't list it.

Quite possibly the most disturbing image I've ever posted here....


  1. Great sales! You have motivated me to get listing and start moving my inventory! Can't wait to hear about your success stories next week. Hoping I have some to share too!

  2. Congrats on getting things opened up!