Sunday, May 27, 2012

Uneventful Weekend

My spirits are much better than they were during my last post. Thank you all for the encouraging words :)

I haven't had much of anything exciting going on, eBay-wise. I went yard saling Friday morning. Remember I mentioned that the neighboring borough had lifted the yard sale permit requirement, so I was expecting there to be lots and lots of yard sales? There were 2. Two. What a wasted effort.  But there was a different community that was having their community sale, so I made up for it there. I found a few goodies.

My favorite is this cutie:

Isn't he absolutely darling?!?!?  He's in perfect condition - no chips or crazing at all. Definitely vintage though. I snapped him right up off the table! For only a dollar!! A DOLLAR, people! I feel like I ripped the lady off!

After that sale, I was quite discouraged by all the boutique pricing that people seem to think is completely acceptable at yard sales. A blog that I read recently (how embarrassing that I forget whose it was!!) made an interesting statement: "If you are sitting on your lawn selling things, don't expect Macy's prices."  That hits the nail on the head. Your items are sitting on your yard. Which is made up of grass and mud. And you want me to pay this much for that!?!?  I don't think so.

But just a couple other goodies we found:

-2 pairs of ice skates in their boxes (I usually do "ok" with ice skates, but they sit for awhile)
-a new-in-the-box board game that turned out to be a total dud, but I bought it without looking it up, because my family will probably play it anyway
-5 boxes of vintage colorforms. Not convinced these were a great investment, but they were only 50 cents a box, so I figure even I flip them for $9.99, I've done alright.

After we gave up on the yard sales, I asked the kids who all wanted to go to Goodwill. ALL OF THEM SHOUTED, "I DO!!" Can you believe it?!?! Well, the 9 month old didn't, but the other four did. So off we went. I haven't set foot in a Goodwill since March 26. I had most of my unlisted inventory caught up, and we'd had a dud of a yard sale morning, so I figured why not. I'm glad we did. We found a couple goodies there too!

-vintage Mall Madness (which I still haven't checked for completeness, but it was only 50 cents)
-NIP Harry Potter Lego set (WOOT!)
-a Leap Frog plush that's a dud, but my kids 9 year old boy has been having a grand time making it say all kinds of words (sigh...)
-2 Ralph Lauren men's 2X button down shirts
-Pendleton linen blouse
-Christian Dior floral blouse (a new brand for me - I've never found any before, so we'll see)
- a NWT $60 Chereskin sweater, which turned out to have a big honkin' hole in it that I somehow overlooked until AFTER I took the Goodwill barb off :(
-a NWT women's Disney sweatshirt
-SAS sandals
-Dansko slingbacks! I haven't found any Danskos in a long time, and these are really cute! And in excellent condition!

Nothing very exciting in the sales department either. I did sell a cycling jersey. It was returned to me last week for fit. I relisted it and sold it 2 days later for $8 more. Yay!  It's been a typically slow holiday weekend. I'm hoping these thunderstorms keep people indoors tomorrow and on their computer shopping, rather than outside picnicking :)

Did I mention that we put a deposit down on my new storage building last week?? We ended up having to custom order it to get it exactly the way we wanted it, so it will be about 4-6 weeks. Which is good, because the way we custom ordered it will require a couple more weeks to get the rest of the money ;-)  But I'm super-excited about it. It will have a 12' x 4' loft (packing peanut storage!!) and a 12' x 2' built-in workbench! The space will be simply glorious!!


  1. NIP Harry Potter Lego Set-WOW awesome find! Did you shriek when you saw it and do your happy dance?I know I would have.

  2. Lol no, not until I looked it up later. It's just a smallish set but still good. Should get me around $30 or so...

  3. Set #4737. Maybe more like $20-25. $30 if I'm very patient.

  4. Very cute owl and where did you pick up a 9 month old? I thought your children were older

  5. Becky, that would be my sister's baby, who I babysit several days a week while she's working. My kids are 3, 4, 9, and 11.

  6. Your brave yard saling with a 9 month old and 4 kids. I always end up spending way too much when the kids go with me. They always find something they have to have or they might just die. Even though I have tested the theory out and they did live usually I give in just to get them to watch my little one while I shop. I'm not above bribery. Good scores this weekend. I do really well with men's Ralph Lauren. Those should be a quick sale for you.

  7. I have a question from a potential buyer. She lives in England but wants me to send an item to her sister (in Canada). I know eBay and PayPal want you to send to the Paypal address of the buyer, does that rule out this transaction/would it be foolish to contemplate doing this? The potential buyer has 50+ positive feedbacks.

  8. BEFORE she pays, she can add her sister's address as the ship to address. She doesnt have to change her paypal address, but there will be an optipn to add an address. As long as she does that, you are covered. I've done that lots of times.

  9. Thank you for your help. I do not find eBay "help" very helpful. No wonder you do/did belong to the eBay Underground.

  10. Congrats on your storage shed! I am GREEN with envy! ....sigh.... Anne in MD

  11. I'll definitely post pics once it's here! I'm itching to fill it up!!