Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Uuuunngngnggghhh. ..... I spent all of yesterday in bed. Didn't you know that late May is well-known for the flu???  Fortunately, it came and went quickly, but while it was here, it was not a pleasant guest.  My 4 year old had it worse than I did, and apparently my sister did too. I actually escaped without vomiting, but I almost wish I could have just vomited and been done with it. :(     I felt much better today, but because I didn't eat or drink anything at all yesterday, it took me half of today to get my body replenished and energized again. Yuk.

Enough about that. Sales are still slow. I listed 32 items today. Hopefully that will spark something for the rest of the week. I have played the piano for 25 years. I have amassed quite a collection of piano music, most of which I don't play anymore. With 4 kids, I have pretty limited piano time, so when I do play, I only have a handful of favorite books that I choose from. I went through a lot of my music awhile ago and picked out a folder full of sheet music I didn't want anymore. That's what I listed today. It went pretty quickly. And I already sold one of them! They aren't high-dollar by any stretch of the imagination, but I'll get more for them on eBay than I would at a yard sale, so I figured I might as well list them.

I bought a voice-changing Storm Trooper helmet from my Facebook group today! Woot! Mine's the one that's just white and grey, without those things on the sides. I paid $5 for it and should be able to get $30-35 for it. I promised my 9 year old that he could play with it for awhile. He'll get bored with it within a week or so...

I also bought a pogo stick from the group. What was I thinking? Have you ever HEARD a pogo stick??? How annoying! My kids were trying to use it in the house today. None of them has ever used one before, so that was amusing to watch. But crazy kids that they are, one of them was actually hopping on it with a lollipop in his mouth! The only thing worse would have been if he was holding a pair of scissors in his other hand! Geesh.  (No worries - no one got hurt!)

I sold these today:

I bought them from my Facebook group for $2 - and I sold them for $25! It was a quick flip - took exactly one month.

That's all for today. I'm tired...


  1. I hope you're feeling better (and that there are no more victims in your household). I love your Facebook bargains, they do not seem to exist where I live. Oh well, I'm not great about getting everything listed anyway. Happy Thursday!

  2. Oh yuck! I hope you are feeling better soon! I've looked into Facebook groups in my area like you mention and so far no luck! You seem to be doing great with yours though!

  3. Nice flip! :) Hey, I changed my blog name and url from savvy saver secrets. I've confused a bunch of people, oops. Thought you might want to change it on your sidebar! :)


    Be glad it was just a regular Pogo stick.

  5. Wow - that's just an all around bad idea. Diggin' the clothes though! ;-)