Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm Still Alive!

Oh, my friends, how I've neglected you! I am deep in the throes of my worst ever eBay week! I don't know what's going on, but it's got me really frustrated. It's been discouraging enough to keep me from listing, blogging, visiting the boards. I've focused my attention elsewhere while I pout.

I know I've mentioned my local Facebook group on here before. Well, let me tell you ... that one was NOTHING. My sister introduced me to a different one, and my life has been forever altered. I am so addicted. It's awfully embarrassing. But I've gotten some GREAT stuff on there - both to keep and to resell. I've also had some really nice sales too. My first sale on there was last Saturday. In my first 8 days selling on the group, I've sold exactly $200 on there!  So pooh on you, eBay.

I truly have had no sales worth mentioning. My sales have literally dropped to a third of what they have been all year. And most of what I have been selling is just Meltonian shoe creams. That hardly makes for an interesting blog post.

I just got an email while I was writing this post that there is another free auctions for store owners promotion starting tomorrow for a full week. Tina was helping me brainstorm this week to see if we could figure out why our sales were so slow. She suggested that maybe eBay is flooded from the free listing promotion they had a week or so ago. I think that's a very valid suggestion. So I'm annoyed to see that they're doing it again tomorrow.


I'm sorry I don't have anything interesting or positive to talk about. :(

Hopefully I'll have some fun sales this week....


  1. I wish my facebook sales would pick up. I'm truly in a group of garage sale buyers and I don't have anything I want to just give away and the crap they are selling I wouldn't even give to the goodwill. And no sense wasting time at the garage sales because most want ebay money without the work

  2. My sales have been slower but I've been happy to see the few sales I have had daily are the larger amount ones. I'll take one or two items selling for $25-35! It's been slower for me this past month. I'm going to list some free auctions today (I usually do BIN) but sometimes it's nice to see things move out of the store and not have to pay listing fees. Hope things pick up for you!

  3. Jessica, I know you are probably super busy and this is off topic but I saw a post on how you ship wilton cake pans in bubblewrap. What do you put around the bubblewrap? Just packaging paper? I also need to know how do you identify microwave turntables? Thanks bunches! Jen (Crazyndstamper)

    1. Hi Jen! After I wrap the pan in bubble wrap (several layers!), I just drop it into a polymailer.

      This is the website I have bookmarked for identifying microwave turntables.

      I have never found any of mine on there, so I quit looking. I just include all measurements and any words/numbers in my listing. I have sold around 50 turntables, and I've only ever had one returned because it didn't fit. People buy them anyway, as long as the words/number and measurements match theirs.

  4. Thank you so much for all your help...Take care, Jen