Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Royal Sabre Typewriter

A long, LONG time ago, my mom asked me to sell her old manual typewriter from her college days. It sat around for a very, VERY long time. Finally, it got to where that was the ONLY thing I had left to list, and I had no money to buy anymore inventory. I gave it a half-hearted cleaning and listed it. Completed and current prices were all over the place, so I just slapped a stupid-high price on it with best offer, just to see what happened. I priced it at $199.99 or best offer (plus shipping).

There wasn't a whole lot of interest in it, but finally the other day I got a $75 offer on it. I asked my mom if she was happy with that and she said no, not really, so I countered with $150. Last night, the buyer countered with $100, which my mom was happy with - especially once I researched and saw that the highest price that this same typewriter got recently was only $35! I don't know what made this one fetch a higher price, other than the fact that I asked for more.


  1. Wow--good for you. It's a great color and it looks like it's in really good condition so I'm glad you got good money for it.

  2. Sometimes my SweetiePie comments on the price I list things for and says why so high. If you don't ask you won't get it!!
    Great sale

  3. Hey! I was wondering if you'd add me to your blog list? You're on mine. :)

  4. You just never know what people will pay! Good for you and your mom!

    And if you don't mind could you add me to your blog roll too? Of course you are on mine :)


  5. Great sale! I just sold 2 old typewriters for a decent chunk of change. I hope my mailman was wearing his truss the day he picked them up :) Next spring when the yard sales start again, I will be on the lookout for more!