Wednesday, November 14, 2012

G.I. Joe

Well, I got the elite  "By Invitation Only" listing special email the other day. 3 days only. Up to 5,000 fixed price listings free! Yay! Except that I had literally NO inventory to list. None. I couldn't even fake it and scrounge stuff up from around the house, because I had already done that.

Then a friend called. "Would you be interested in listing my brother's G.I. Joe collection on eBay? I have 3 bins full of them, and they are all new in their original packages."  I told her sure, bring them over. She came over an hour or so later and sure enough - that's a whole lotta G.I. Joes!

The 3 Rubbermaids are G.I. Joes. The rest is odds and ends. I got one whole bin listed yesterday. Fortunately, they aren't requiring any research or identification, because they are in their original packages, which have the names right on them. All I do is a quick check for completed prices and get it listed.

So .... the listing special ends tonight. I have a lot of work to do! Ta-ta!

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