Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Goodwill Isn't So Bad After All!

Turns out I've just been looking in all the wrong places at my Goodwill! I've been looking on the shelves. The real goods are hidden in the clothing racks! I bought 35 items last night, for a total of $95. And I got some GREAT stuff!

Some 100% cashmere sweaters
  • Charter Club, NWT (red)
  • Lands End plus size (black)

Several long denim skirts. Apparently someone donated her entire collection of long denim skirts, because there were 8 or 10 of them, all similar styles, same size. All in one chunk on the skirt rack. These are French Cuff (x2), J.Crew, and DKNY. Any that haven't sold by this summer are mine! :)

A bunch of dresses (and a skirt that I missed in my skirt collage)
  • Rue 21, NWT (purple)
  • Worthington, NWT (skirt)
  • Oh Mamma! maternity gown, NWT (black)
  • Maggie London, NWT (gown)
  • Talbots, NWT (plaid)
  • Lois Snyder, NWT (beige)

Some jeans - I don't usually go through the jeans, because there are rarely any NWT ones, but these caught my eye without my even having to sift through them.
  • Apostrophe, NWT
  • B.Moss, NWT

Some Nike stuff (neither is NWT)

I've been avoiding Ralph Lauren, because I didn't know much about it. I still don't, but thought I'd take a chance on these. The women's sweater is gorgeous. The 3 men's shirts are larger sizes (and how about that last hideous one?!)

Shorts are quick and easy to list, and this is the ideal time to be listing them!
  • Just My Size, NWT (dark)
  • B.Moss capris, NWT (turquoise - I know you can't tell, but they've got green seahorses embroidered on them - very spiffy...)
  • American Outfitters, NWT

Skirts are quick and easy to list too!
  • Charlotte Russe, NWT (black/white)
  • Sag Harbor, NWT (red paisley)
  • Sag Harbor wool, NWT (black)
  • Tweeds, NWT (pink)

Several tops:
  • Apt. 9, NWT (purple sheer)
  • Ely Plains ruffled western shirt (black - not new)
  • Maurices cardigan, NWT (white)
  • Worthington, NWT (purple blouse - this was actually from a small local shop the day before yesterday)
  • CJ Banks, NWT (yellow)
  • St. John's Bay, NWT (orange)

And 2 more western shirts, from the small local shop where I got the purple Worthington blouse.

My Goodwill emailed me a coupon for 20% off ALL clothing the last Wednesday of every month. It doesn't expire until December 2012, and there is no wording on the coupon to indicate that it's a one-time-use only coupon. Hooray! That 20% off even applies to the half-off color. Several of the items I found last night were the half-off tag, so I got 70% off those items!!


Otherwise, I've had nothing of interest happen today, eBay-related. I had one sale in the wee hours this morning, but that's it. No offers, no messages, no nothing. I do believe my high sales wave may have crashed today...


  1. High five on the Polo. Awesome stuff!

  2. Okay, I have to ask. Did you put a Basketball under the brown maternity dress? It made me chuckle.

  3. Lol nope, it's a maternity belly. That dress is a pretty sheer black fabric and lined with an odd orangeish-brownish fabric. I do see why you thought it was a basketball though!

  4. Okay, as if they Goodwill thread didn't make me jealous enough, now you are just killing me!!!! AWESOME finds!!!

  5. I am new at selling and not really sure how much to spend on stuff to resell. I live in Indianapolis so there are lots of Goodwill's and several thrift stores. The only problem is the prices are crazy sometimes. I went last night to one of my favorite thrift stores(which several times a year have a coupon for 50% off, so I love going there then) and the prices are so high. Some of the shoes that I thought might be good for resell were $10.49 and so on. I do look for the half off color tag for the week but just wondered if you have a max you pay? Thanks and I love your blog. You have helped me so much.

  6. Hi Candy - for shoes, while I was building up my inventory, I bought pretty much all the shoes from my BOLO list, regardless of the price. I was paying as much as $10 for a pair of Clarks that would ultimately only sell for $20-25. I quickly came to my senses. I now have a pretty huge collection of shoes available, so I'm a lot pickier about the ones I pick up. I won't pay more than $5-6 for them now. Even then, I don't like to pay that much. My Goodwill prices all their shoes at $2.99, so that has really gotten me spoiled. I will go a little higher (up to $8) for Doc Martens or Danskos, but mostly, I prefer to stay $5 and under.

  7. Candy, I live in Indiana. Don't forget that your Indianapolis Goodwill is half off every first Saturday of the month and EVERY Sunday clothing is only 99 cents! On top of that, have you signed up for the new Goodwill Rewards card? You will get 10% off your order everytime you use it. If you do not have that card, you can pick it up at Goodwill. Then before you check out, register it online with your phone. It has to be registered before it will work on the cash register.

    Indianapolis also has a Goodwill Outlet, there you pay by the pound. They roll out the big bins, you stand and wait for them to tell you to "GO" and then you scramble for stuff. I got a Jersey there last year that sold for around $150! Good luck!

    I shop in Bloomington which is part of the Indianapolis network, the items on my blog come from there! Good luck!