Monday, January 16, 2012

Goals (Week of 1/16)

For nearly half a year, I have been setting weekly sales goals on eBay Underground. For awhile, I was meeting them every time, even if I raised them higher than I ever dreamed I could reach. But then something happened that I have only reached my goal ONCE out of the last 8 or 10 weeks, even though I have substantially LOWERED my sales goal.

So I'm going to shift my focus. I'm still going to make a weekly sales goal, but I'd also like to make some other goals so that my focus isn't 100% on my sales, which leads to real disappointment when I don't quite reach them.

Starting this week, I'll make a sales goal, a listing goal, and a miscellaneous eBay-related goal. The miscellaneous one can be something simple, like calling eBay or Paypal with a question, or researching a certain niche to find top-sellers ... something along those lines.

For this week, I would like to accomplish the following:
  • Sales Goal: $800 (I have been struggling to meet this goal for quite some time now, despite the fact that I was consistently hitting $1000 a week for a couple months.)
  • Listing Goal: List at least 20 new items this week
  • Miscellaneous Goal: Double-check my cross-promotion links in several of my listings. Some of them are redirecting to search results instead of to my specific listings.

Because shoes are my primary niche, it seemed natural to also move into selling shoe care products. I place a pretty large order with my supplier about once a month. Sales of these products happen in spurts. I can go a full week without selling a single jar of shoe cream, and then I'll have a day where that's almost all I sell. I'm in one of those spurts right now. Between yesterday and today, I have had well over $200 in shoe care product sales!


It's the middle of January, and the weather here is just starting to get very cold out. It has been unseasonably warm so far this winter. But January has brought with it officially freezing cold weather. The last thing I want to think about right now is sandals, but guess what ... it's not bitter cold everywhere. Some people are starting to think about warmer weather. Some people live where it's warm all the time. Some people live where it's cold, but they are headed on vacation to someplace warmer and can't find warm-weather clothes or shoes locally.

I sold these Clarks today. They are going to a buyer in Pennsylvania. I'm in Pennsylvania. It's very cold here. That rules out the "warmer climate" buyer. I can only assume my buyer is either planning ahead or headed on vacation. I hope she's headed on vacation, and I hope she has a blast! How could you not have fun if you're wearing bright red faux snakeskin sandals?


I haven't been thrifting in a couple days. I'm caught up with listing my thrifted stuff, so now I'm just gathering some odds and ends from around the house. Stuffed animals that the kids don't want anymore, things I bought and ended up never using, a bag of ball caps from my father-in-law ... As much as I hate to admit it, I don't HAVE to run out shopping every other day. I have more than enough goodies right here to keep me busy for weeks!  But we'll be out tomorrow, so I'll probably pop into Goodwill for their new half-off color. I just can't help myself.

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  1. Those sandals look so nice on your manny feet. I can't wait until mine come.