Friday, September 14, 2012

Bits 'n' Pieces

It's been busy here. We are back to school (one in private school and THREE being homeschooled this year). We are also back into gymnastics, scouts, horseback riding ... busy busy busy. AND, my favorite reason for being busy right now is because my sales have picked up! Before the abyss that was the summer months, I was averaging around $100 per day. Over the summer, I was way WAY behind that average. The first 2 weeks of September, though, I am spot on that average. Woo hoo! Sales did really drop off the last 3 days, but I haven't been listing either. I plan to get some listing done tonight and steadily over the weekend, but we'll see how that goes. I also have one more bedroom to paint, and right now, that kind of takes priority.

I have narrowly escaped a couple negatives over the last week. One woman wrote me complaining that her Miche shell had a spot on the back. 

Ya don't say....  I responded with a variation of, "Yep, that's what the listing says." She wrote back that she had looked at several listings for this particular shell and didn't remember which one she got. <eyeroll>  She's not returning it. She had gotten 3 from me in that order and left me positive feedback on the other 2, no feedback on this one.

Then I sold a set of hot rollers for $34.99 + shipping. I always test all of my hot rollers, and this set was no exception. The buyer wrote me thanking me for quick and careful packaging. She said that yes, they heat up, but they smell like smoke when she heats them. I am pretty sensitive to the smell of smoke, so I absolutely would have noticed that, but whatever. She was very VERY nice about it, and told me she wasn't looking to return or get money out of me, but just wanted to let me know. I sent her a $10 refund, basically just to ensure that she didn't neg me. She left me a very glowing positive, so that worked out.

And I have a pair of shoes supposedly on their way back to me, but I haven't gotten them yet. It was just 4 days ago, so they may turn up yet. I'm bummed about that, because it was a $40 sale :(   That's why I include measurements in my listings. Ugh.

A few sales highlights from the last couple weeks:

Honestly, I don't even know what this is, but my husband dug it out from the basement, wiped the crud off, shook the bug carcasses out of the box, and asked me to try to sell it. I think he got it at our local hardware store quite a few years ago and ended up never using it.
  • Acquired: ???
  • Listed: 7/27/12
  • Sold: 9/9/12
  • Paid: $10
  • Sold for: $19.99 + shipping

 More Converse. I heart Converse. These are going to the UK.
  • Acquired: 6/8/12 (Facebook yard sale group)
  • Listed: 6/14/12
  • Sold: 9/13/12
  • Paid: $5
  • Sold for: $30 + international shipping

This is the second lot of Goosebumps books I've sold in the last couple months, so definitely watch for them. They sell for around $1 a book in large lots like this, so I pay no more than 50 cents, but obviously I prefer to get them for a quarter. I had someone kindly offer me $7, "and I'll even pay the shipping."  haha. Um, no thanks. They sold for full price less than a week later.
  • Acquired: over the summer, a few at a time
  • Listed:  7/3/12
  • Sold: 9/5/12
  • Paid: 25 cents each for most of them
  • Sold for: $39.99 + shipping

I sold this thing twice. First deadbeat person didn't pay. I got 4 of these from my Facebook Yard Sale group, for $8 each. The first one I sold went for $39.99, so the other three are all straight profit.
  • Acquired: 5/1/12 (Facebook Yard Sale group)
  • Listed: 5/4/12 (relisted 8/20 after UPI)
  • Sold: 9/4/12
  • Paid: $8
  • Sold For: $50 + shipping

I got this TI-83 at my favorite thrift store out east when I road trip to my sister-in-law's. It's huge, and almost nothing is priced. Nothing is organized. There are piles and bags and bins, and you just have to dig. I could easily spend an entire day there, but I try to limit myself to 2 hours. This didn't have the instruction manual or cover. I asked the guy how much it was. He said, "Oh, that's the TI-83. It's a really good one!" So I'm thinking he's gonna overprice it, but he said, "How about 2 bucks?" Psshaw, seriously? Ok! Did I mention that is my favorite thrift store??  I had it listed for $89.99obo. When I got an offer for $50.99, I took it. Normally I would scoff at a $50 offer on a $90 item, but because the back-to-school season is over, I figured I'd better take it now, rather than waiting until January to maybe get $60.
  • Acquired: 8/7/12 (road trip)
  • Listed: 8/12/12
  • Sold: 9/11/12
  • Paid: $2
  • Sold: $50.99 + shipping

These are Birkenstocks. They are in like-new condition. I have sold Birks before, but they usually sit for awhile. I was going to just price these for around $40, but for some reason I decided to research them first. If you find these in good condition, scoop them up! They are called ANNAPOLIS. They are currently available on Amazon for almost $200! Mine, I am pretty sure, were never even worn, so I listed them high for the first month, just to get an idea of interest. I was planning to lower them the second month, but they sold during the first month for my full asking price. It's amazing how many times that happened this past month, mostly with shoes.
  • Acquired: 8/8/12 (road trip)
  • Listed: 8/27/12
  • Sold: 9/8/12
  • Paid: $4.97
  • Sold For: $69.99 + shipping


  1. I am having an awful week. One plastic item got badly damaged (first time ever) despite thick bubble wrap and I got two packages mixed up (first time ever). I know my feedback will take a hit.
    Any suggestions on how to resolve mix up?

  2. I did that a couple weeks ago. I just printed the corrected labels ( and printed them to a PDF document (CutePDF, NitroPDF, etc are all free downloads), and emailed the correct labels to the buyers. They put the new labels on and sent them on their way. They both left positive feedback and were very nice about it. Hopefully you are as lucky!

  3. Thank you so much. Very helpful.

  4. Vtg hot rollers have a certain smell to them when they heat up. That must be why she is referring to as smoke smell.

  5. I guess. Believe me - I know exactly the smell you're talking about. I've sold a TON of vintage hot rollers. But I don't see how she can possibly mistake that smell for cigarette smoke. But all's well that ends well. I refunded her $10 (out of a $35 sale on an item I had $5 in), and she left me glowing positive feedback, so it ended well.