Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Top eBay Moments This Week

I'm home and recovered from yesterday's road trip. It was a big day. I didn't buy anything fabulous or exciting, but got lots of good consistent inventory. I'll write about that tonight or tomorrow.

This week, I sold 66 items, only 2 of which were shoes. My lack of shoe sales is making me kind of sad. I really enjoy selling shoes, but I must be left with a bunch of real duds, because they just aren't selling like they used to. There was a time where I was selling 15-20 pairs a week!

You know, now that I'm mentioning my favorite sales throughout the week, I'm having a hard time coming up with interesting sales to highlight in these weekend posts. I may just skip the weekend summary posts after today, because I don't want to highlight the boring stuff, and I don't want to repeat stuff that I already talked about...

An eternity ago, my sister-in-law asked me to sell these Scout uniform pants for her. There wasn't any interest in them, but I left them, because for only 5 cents a month, it doesn't hurt a bit to leave stuff for a year. It's probably been close to that long. So glad they finally sold this week!
  • Acquired: ???
  • Listed: ???
  • Sold: 2/15/12
  • Paid: $0
  • Sold For: $20 + shipping

I'm surprised this Columbia dress took as long to sell as it did. It was from that huge yard sale I went to last fall. I have done very, very well from that sale, and I'm looking forward to going again this fall!
  • Acquired: 9/3/11
  • Listed On: 10/18/11
  • Sold On: 2/12/12
  • Paid: $6.25
  • Sold For: $22.99 - $2.65 shipping

I mentioned this Esprit top earlier this week, but I wanted to mention it again because it was such a surprise. Add Esprit to your BOLO list. It sold very quickly, and for my full asking price!
  • Acquired: 1/31/12
  • Listed On: 2/6/12
  • Sold On: 2/16/12
  • Paid: $3.99
  • Sold For: $26.99 + shipping

This was another Columbia item from that yard sale.
  • Acquired: 9/3/11
  • Listed On: 10/19/11
  • Sold On: 2/17/12
  • Paid: $6.25
  • Sold For: $27.00 - $2.48 shipping

I can't remember if I mentioned this Studio I dress or not. It was another pretty quick sale. It is plus sized and classy career-style, so I guess that's why I went quickly. I've never heard of Studio I before. Anyone know where it's from?
  • Acquired On: 1/11/12
  • Listed On: 1/13/12
  • Sold On: 2/12/12
  • Paid: $4.99
  • Sold For: $30.00 + shipping

I was excited about this one! I had this laying around forEVER because I didn't want to count 900-some pieces. I finally got around to counting, and I came up short. I didn't want to recount them, so I put it back in the pile. Then in November, I was desperately trying to get all my inventory listed before Christmas, so I dragged it out again, counted (got the right number the second time), and listed it. It sold this week for my full asking price.
  • Acquired On: 8/20/11
  • Listed: 12/20/11
  • Sold On: 2/13/12
  • Paid: $3.17
  • Sold For: $49.99 - $6.70 shipping
How'd you do this week?


  1. I've had decent luck selling scout stuff in the past. They usually sell w/i the first month of me listing.

  2. I love these posts! Please don't stop. I really enjoy seeing what sell.

  3. Kim, I think these Scout pants were outdated. My son's Cub Scout leaders all wear khaki uniforms now, so maybe the blue just wasn't in demand. I did come home with a couple current pieces from my sister-in-law today, so I'm anxious to see how they'll do.

    Anonymous - you twisted my arm. I love these posts too. Maybe I'll just pick ONE interesting sale per day to highlight in my nightly posts. That should leave me with more to talk about in my Top eBay Moments posts at the end of the week.

  4. I like the top moments but I also like the WHYs you give. How long its been up and what you purchased it for and your reasoning behind why you bought it. Nice to be able to get inside your mind.

    I picked up some really good items at a unadvertised yard sale today. One I think was a dud-couldn't check on my phone for various reasons-Scrabble Pirates of the caribbean. Completes do not look good. Only paid $1 but still bums me out.:(

  5. I love it when I find cub scout items! The pants most likely didn't sell that fast since most leaders (I being a former one) don't wear a full uniform, but just the shirt. Those uniforms are expensive, I always pick up things up when I find them.