Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching Up

Good news! I've apparently satisfied whoever it is that has accused me of "willfully infringing" on eBay's trademark. I still haven't heard back from eBay's spoof team about that email, but whether it was from them or not, I heard back from whoever wrote the original email:
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We appreciate that you may have registered the domain name with the best of intentions and without full knowledge of the law in this area.   

We will consider this matter closed as long as the domain name remains completely inactive for the remainder of the registration period. Please be reminded that you should not sell, offer to sell or transfer the domain name in the meantime.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter and wish you the best of luck in your future business endeavors.

Pfft. Whatever.


I had an unpaid item case open this morning against the buyer of my fugly Ralph Lauren paisley shirt. Anytime I accept an offer, I immediately send an invoice. There have been times where my buyers never received the notice that I accepted their offer, so I always send this invoice just to be sure. Then, if they haven't paid by day 3, I send a reminder invoice, letting them know that a case will be opened against them after 4 days, and that if they need more time, please let me know. I didn't hear back from my buyer after either invoice, so on day 4, my unpaid item assistant automatically opened a case against him. Several hours later, I received this message from him:
Im paying on thursday no need to open a case, sorry for the trouble. Thank You
I was so tempted to write back and say, "Actually, yes there was a need to open a case. That's what happens when you don't communicate."  But considering it's an almost-$50 sale, I'd like to keep on good terms with him, so I wrote back and told him that the case was opened automatically, but that Thursday would be fine. We'll see if he comes through.


Yesterday morning, I had a potential buyer message me about a pair of NWT navy blue Talbot's wool slacks.

She wanted to let me know that she's been looking for these pants for a long time, but has only ever found them in black. She really wants to buy them and will pay for them on March 2nd, and please don't sell them to anyone else. So I removed the immediate payment required from the listing and wrote her back, telling her she can go ahead and click Buy It Now and confirm the order, but that paying on the 2nd was fine. I explained that doing it this way will remove them from my store so no one can buy them before her. Well guess what? She was too slow. :-(  They sold this evening! I'm thrilled that they sold. I do feel a little bad, but what was I supposed to do?
Sold some more play food this morning - the beverages this time. I didn't doubt that it would sell well, but I never dreamed it would sell as quickly as it has! I have sold 5 of my 8 lots for a total of $44.95!
Back in August, I bought a couple box lots of board games at an auction. It worked out to 33 cents per game. In one of the boxes was a Jenga game. I checked completed listings on eBay, and the whole game wasn't even selling for $5. But then I noticed that one other seller was selling it off by the piece, as replacement pieces. Brilliant! I decided to do the same. I have been selling them for $1 a piece. So far, I have sold 22 of them! So if you can find it cheap enough, and you don't mind sitting on the listing for a year while they sell one piece at a time, go for it! Just don't undercut my price ;-)
I recently cleaned out my own sewing pattern collection. I've only got 25 of them listed, with lots more to go. I'm encouraged that they've started selling. I sold 2 of them over the weekend. Hopefully more will follow...
My ears have improved a lot today. I've only had one dose of Motrin, so I consider the day a success! Of course I'm keeping up with my antibiotic drops (in both ears now, because my "good" ear started aching this morning), so I'm walking around in a fog of silence, with drops and cotton balls in both ears. My poor family ... and the poor boy at Subway this evening. I had to ask him to repeat everything he said. For 5 subs. Maybe he should speak up, and I wouldn't have had to be so annoying.


  1. Selling the Jenga pieces one at a time is pretty clever. Good idea!

  2. I tried to post this morning but my google account would not cooperate.
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Play food is really paying off for you!

    subs. Ahh subway, my love. I haven't had Subway in a while. (The month of February was no spend= no fun......)

  3. I really enjoy your blog and I'm glad that you are feeling better. Thanks for the tip on game pieces. I did this with a Dora dollhouse. I paid $12 for the house at a consignment sale. I sold the furniture pieces individually on ebay and made about $45. Now I'm going to resell the house (it was too big and heavy for shipping) at the same consignment sale and get my $12 back!

    My question is how do I know what color is on sale and when at Goodwill? I have only been in our store once, but would like to get there more frequently.

  4. Nice job on the doll house!

    The sale color just depends on the Goodwill. When I first walk into my store, there's a huge sign up that says "This color's lucky color - RED - 50% off!" It's pretty hard to miss.

    The Goodwills I go to in Harrisburg and out near Philly have a smaller sign up with a print out of all sorts of different things that are on sale: "Shoes 2 for $7; Pants 20% off; Red Wares 50% off" etc...

    Then I've been in Goodwills that just plain don't have sales...