Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Excellent Deal at Vista Print!

I'm still here. I'm just ... working! I've whittled my unlisted inventory down to just one more bin! I feel a road trip coming on :)

I'm just popping in really quickly to tell you about this great deal at Vista Print. I have used VP for years for all of my business cards. Even before I was selling on eBay, I was getting business cards through VP that I used as a pianist. I gave them out for piano students or potential performance gigs. I have always been very happy with their service and their product.

Now, I slip a business card into each package I send out. It doubles as a thank you note too. Last time I ordered cards, I got 1600 of them. I just opened my last box, so this deal came just in time.

Right now, you can buy a $50 Vista Print credit through Living Social for just $10! So you pay Living Social $10 today (or sometime within the next 5 days, before the deal expires), and you will get a code for a $50 credit to use at Vista Print. What an awesome price!!

But that's not all. Vista Print also makes Christmas cards, so even if you don't need business cards, this is a FABULOUS way to get cheap Christmas cards!!

Check it out here - this price is too good to pass up.

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  1. Thank you! I just purchased this deal. :) I miss your frequent posts but totally get it. Hope all is well!