Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I've Set a Bookkeeping Record!

I just had to pop in long enough to announce that my Dome book is 100% done for 2012. I have all my numbers totalled. My mileage is added up. My 4th quarter state sales taxes are files and paid. I am ON THE BALL!  With the exception of ONE thing, I am completely ready to file my business income taxes (which, of course, we can't do until we get all of our personal tax documents later this month...). We need to add up all of our expenses for my storage building and figure out how to depreciate that. Other than that, I am DONE!

I'm telling you guys ... the Dome book is so worth it. Last year, I was still printing reports and digging up old records and adding and adding and adding and ADDING and tallying receipts and more adding. This year, I just had a couple days' worth of data to enter into my book, because I got a little bit behind over Christmas. I managed to keep up with it, so it was super-easy to finish out the year.

Let's all make a goal to keep on top of our paperwork and record-keeping this year. It'll be so worth it next January.


  1. That's amazing! I am so disorganized this year. I am dreading setting up a meeting with our tax guy. Ugh.

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  3. Bookkeeping may be overwhelming for some while others manage to do it all on their own. But I'm glad that you found an easy solution that is suitable for your needs. It's really in our advantage if we have an organized book that can help us meet our daily/monthly/yearly goals. It can prevent miscalculations. Helpful blog, you have here. I hope you do this every year. Wish you luck! _Darcy Grubaugh_ @ QuantumBuyers.com